Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I attempted day 2 of the C25k program. Got through it,  but could not for the life of me figure out why it seemed like such a big jump from the first day's routine. Turns out that when I was scrolling through to peek at the 9-week plan, I accidentally stopped my scrolling at "Week 2 Day 1." Whoops! Accidentally jumped ahead by a few days. Its empowering to know that I was able to do it! I'm not going to take it as an opportunity to finish earlier. I'm going to go back and jump back in the right order, and just re-do W2D1.

That being said, by now everyone knows about the Boston Marathon bombings. Its getting a lot of publicity and popping up everywhere on social media. I'm just happy that all my family and friends are safe and accounted for. I mentioned in a previous post that there are a lot of runners in my family. I would've freaked out right off the bat,  but I woke up to a message from my Dad that was to the tune of "don't panic, but...." I had family members near the blast, but luckily no one was so close that they were in danger.

I'm a little irritated that my immediate family member living in Boston didn't feel the need to communicate with me that they are all right. Its a little scary to think that the last correspondence i have with someone I love could be as lame as a number or just a yes or no.

In other news I just ate a lot of nachos.

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