Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Break-ups and make-ups

I think I've been eating too healthily. Its to the point where I come off the weekends feeling like total crap because I cheat. I cheat a little more than a little bit with WHAT I eat, but I keep myself in check with how much. I feel like I'm a little too liberal with the alcohol, but I only had cocktails with tonic and I had 2 with cola. I think the sugar is the main culprit, and going from consuming very little to quite a bit, is probably screwing with my insides.

I need to either commit fully or start to add a tiny bit more sugar back into my day-to-day so I don't feel so physically ill if I go overboard on sweets from time to time.

I'm actually quite jealous of one of my friends and her ability to consume MASS quantities of sugar without feeling sick. She has a small frame, and for the amount of sugar and snacks I've seen her consume, you would think that she would be huge. I'm not jealous of her lack of energy. She always seems to be really tired, and I would hazard a guess that its because she gets a lot of sugar highs and crashes. Energy levels aside, its really amazing mt me how well she seems ti process sugar.

I'm going to do a little research on going from very little sugar to too much sugar.

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