Friday, June 21, 2013


Went to the gym yesterday. Finally made contact with the trainer I have a little crush on :). He's just generally the friendliest, and I'm most comfortable interacting with him over the others. I do a stretching routine at the end of my workout every day. I've never been very flexible, even when I was an athlete in high school (mind you, I wasn't a very good athlete haha). Now that I see what stretching every day can do, I've become determined to never go back to my old, tight-muscled ways.

Anyway, I finally asked trainerman for a solid push when I was doing my seated pike stretch... and WOW! It made a HUGE difference! My lower back felt fantastic, and I even woke up this morning without any back pain! Needless to say, I'll be having him push me on a regular basis!

In other news, I just read a really interesting an off-putting article about 8 foods we eat in the US that are banned in other countries. Kinda scary!

And no joke, there are 2 flies in my office right now and either they're fighting or mating. Not sure which, but its really annoying because they keep doing it in front of my computer screen.

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