Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vietnam photo highlights

Vietnam was an interesting place. Since I wasn't really able to post photos as I went, the highlights list is pretty long!

A lot more city-like than I expected. The hostel was really nice and the food in the area was really good.

Typical storefront in Hanoi (across from the hostel)

Awesome local restaurant recommended by the hostel. Beef noodles!

Halong Bay was really beautiful. We did a 2-day/1-night cruise, which turned out to be the perfect amount of time. 

Twilight on Halong Bay

Good morning, Vietnam! (had to)

Cool, o-t-t presentation of the dinnertime shrimp!

Morning on the bay

Early-morning on the beach.


Water color is awesome.

Floating village.

Hoi An
Really colorful. We got some tailor-made clothing items and rented bikes to get around the city. It was nice that there was so much to see in such a small area!

View out the backside of the hotel.

Cool alleyway.

Yellow walls, scooters, and low hanging trees. Typical.

Bridge connecting an island.


So much interesting architecture.

Japanese Covered Bridge (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Looking out of the Japanese bridge.

Fresh avocados!!

Green field, blue house, and hunched-over old lady.

Fish farms.

Awesome clouds.

Ho Chi Minh City: 
There only a day. I wanted to do more, but the rain got in the way. I saw the War Remnants Museum, which was the only thing that I really wanted to see.

Cool church in the middle of the city.

Plane outside the War Remnants Museum.

Beer :)

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