Thursday, September 18, 2014

I dare you.

Every once in a while, you encounter someone who makes you mad... really, truly angry.

My "anger types" are people who are overly nit-picky, people who act inappropriately in public, and people who consistently have nasty things to say about everyone and everything. Everyone has personality types that they just don't mesh well with.

Now, I'm sure you're thinking I'm going to go on and completely tear someone apart. That would be dumb- and hypocritical. Instead, I'm going to bestow a dare upon you:

I dare you to think of someone you don't like. Got them in mind? Ok, now go learn something about them. You can use Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogger, or just ask them one simple semi-personal question.


I've found that when I find myself with negative feelings about someone (someone who has NOT committed a huge offence towards me), getting to know them a little better make those feelings shrivel or go away altogether.

It is too easy to dislike something or someone you don't know or understand. Sometimes getting to know one or two little things about a person can completely change your perspective on them.

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